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#SupportLocal: How start-ups are
changing the way we do business

May 16th, 2017 from 7:00PM to 9:00PM @ Makerspace North (250 City Centre Ave, Bay 216, Ottawa, On)

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How start-ups are changing the way we do business 

Change helps us grow and evolve as individuals and collectively as a business community. Over the past few years we’ve seen proof of that as Ottawa’s business landscape evolved from a small civil servant town to a city filled with new entrepreneurs and creative startups. 

With the change from government town to startup hub, people have changed the way they network and think about their careers. It’s no longer only about a paycheck and pension but more about what’s your passion and makes you happy. Following your passion and starting your own business shifts the focus from solely the bottom line to a focus on relationship building and inviting others to share in your passion. 

Building these valuable relationships and creating new connections, changes how we do business today. So what sparked the change from government and big business to local businesses and startups? Join us May 16 for our panel on our changing business landscape and what’s motivating the entrepreneurial movement in Ottawa. Tickets are available online and with credit at the door.


Laura Brown,  Jackie-of-all-trades, moderator
Little Jo, Owner & Head baker, Little Jo Berry's 
Tonya Bruin, Founder and CEO, To Do - Done Handyman Services
Brad Campeau, Founder, Brew Donkey
Gareth Davies, Owner & Founder, Maker House Co.

The Schedule:

7:00PM - 7:30PM Doors Open/Social
7:30PM - 8:30PM Session + Q&A
8:30PM - 9:00PM Social

What your ticket includes:

•  Refreshments & light bites
•  Free beer! (provided by Stray Dog Brewing Company)
•  Networking with a bunch of rad folk just like you

Meet the line up:

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Laura Brown, Moderator

Laura is best described as a "Jackie-of-all-trades": she has garnered experience in IT, youth facilitation, health and human sexuality, and now works her dream job in commercial property management. She has a fearless thirst for knowledge, and brings a commanding and influential personality to any project. Laura's heart lies in both business and personal relationship development in and outside of the office. She's a proficient networker, savvy event planner, and a self-proclaimed communication advocate. Afterhours, Laura can be seen having better posture than shown in her headshot, taking beginner salsa classes, and using Snapchat filters on her housemate’s cat (with little success).

Little Jo,
Owner & Head Baker, Little Jo Berry's

Working in local shops such as Bridgehead Coffeehouses and Auntie Loo’s Treats Jo had the rare opportunity to take part in smaller, community-driven projects and ambitions early on. Being able to work with small businesses and other local boundary-pushers was especially inspiring to her. It quickly became Jo's dream to create her own space that could house this creativity and neighbourhood flow. Now, as the owner of a new café and eatery called Little Jo Berry's, she definitely changes coffee shop business as usual: Not just with her delicious vegan takes on retro classics like twinkies, and pop-tarts but by creating a unique safe space, feminist, queer shop rooted in our Ottawa community. Be nice to the baristas! :)


Tonya Bruin, Founder & CEO, To Do - Done Handyman Services

Tonya has a background in Biology and Environmental Policy, she is the founder and former president of Canada's first Green Building store, and has sixteen years working in the public sector for 4 different federal departments. She made a mid-career leap to the private sector in 2015 to start a handyman service with an emphasis on professionalizing the entire client experience, building a brand, and building trust with her clients. To Do - Done is now the lead handyman service of Bridgehead, The National Gallery of Canada, Quickie Convenience Stores, and Mountain Equipment Co-op, as well as over 1700 residential clients in Ottawa. Offering everything from grunt labour to high end finishes, Tonya’s aim to to help harried Ottawan’s get their To Do lists Done.

Gareth Davies, Owner & Founder, Maker House Co.

Maker House Co. is the brainchild of Gareth Davies, representing the convergence of his love for handmade furniture, authentic stories, and community growth.

Gareth learned everything he knew about helping others from his mother. Carolyn Davies was actively involved in volunteering and nonprofit work her whole life. It was her desire to help others that inspired Gareth to follow his dreams and create the #CraftChange initiative. The seeds of Maker House Co. go back to Gareth's grandfather, Lorne Casey. Lorne was a craftsman, furniture refinisher, and an international furniture buyer for a Toronto department store. It is the the furniture pieces passed down to Gareth by his grandfather that he and his wife Sarah cherish the most. Today Maker House is an important piece of Hintonburg's maker scene and brings handcrafted Canadian goods and that extra bit of care into Ottawa's living spaces.

Brad Campeau, Founder, Brew Donkey


When: Tuesday, May 16th, 2017
Time: 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Where: Makerspace North (Bay 216) (see map)
Cost: $15 @ online  | $20 @ door | $10 for students & Makerspace North members

Tickets are final sale and are non negotiable. 

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