Social Media: Love it. Hate it. Need it. 

February 23, 2017 from 7:00PM to 9:00PM @ Makerspace North, Ottawa 

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Social Media: Love it. Hate it. Need it. 

We're all on it and we use it every day, but are we using social media in a way that works for us and our business? Social media doesn't have to be exhausting, it can be fun and make you remember why you love and do the work you do. It has the power to start trends, build iconic brands, and bring communities together. As a business owner, learning how to use digital platforms, in a way complementary to your brand, can make a lasting and positive impact on your business. Join us for an evening filled with candid stories from other entrepreneurs and digital experts who've found a way to make social media work for them.


Nader Shureih (moderator), Consultant, Environics Analytics & former Professor of Public Relations and Marketing Communications, Algonquin College
Jonathan Kischel, Producer & Director of Photography, JustPixl
Jules Ribi, Digital Strategist, Cinnamon Toast New Media Inc.
Andrew Szeto, Founder, Maru the Circle Brand
Elisa Kurylowicz, Instagram Influencer, @pureonline + @landsownelive


7:00PM - 7:30PM Doors Open/Social
7:30PM - 8:30PM Session + Q&A
8:30PM - 9:00PM Social


With over 15 years of experience in marketing, market research, and communications, Nader Shureih has an in-depth understanding of the mechanics involved in successfully targeting and communicating with a variety of audiences. His years teaching marketing and advertising at Algonquin College have also offered plenty of insight into the minds of millennials, the biggest adopters of social media today. Currently a consultant at Environics Analytics in Toronto, he helps public sector clients develop policies that make a real difference in the lives of their constituents, and can often be found checking out the newest restaurants with scotch in hand.

Jonathan Kischel, an award winning Director of Photography and founder of JustPixl, creates cinematic art for brands.  He is currently producing a pilot episode for a web based travel show, Travel Libré, filmed on location in South Korea. He is also the co-producer and social media manager of the monthly Shot in the Dark Live Music Sessions. Born and raised in the Ottawa Valley, Jonathan’s roots have nurtured his unique style of creative and authentic visual storytelling, helping brands expand their social media reach.

A Vancouver transplant and world traveller, Jules Ribi is a true behind-the-scenes social media maven. Her boundless creativity, infectious enthusiasm, and razor-sharp strategic thinking have served her well as she strives to create perfect digital campaigns and beautifully engaging online brands for a wide range of businesses. Currently a Digital Strategist at Cinnamon Toast New Media Inc. and the publicist for a local music festival (Westfest), you are likely to find her Instagramming her favourite doughnut, or tweeting about the next local event in the area.


Slinging out of helicopters by day as a Multimedia Advisor for the Canadian Coast Guard and shooting commercial photography for a range of clients (such as Tweed, Husqvarna Canada, Pure Yoga and Town moto) by night, it’s amazing that Andrew Szeto finds any time to dedicate to his personal ventures. Maru the Circle Brand was born out of his passion for photography and skateboarding - Andrew creates customized camera straps for professionals around the world, makes various wood products out of recycled skateboards, and donates proceeds back to Ottawa’s For Pivots Sake program. He especially loves trying to help others solve active problems and highly recommends listening to the Four Hour Work Week Podcast (especially those featuring Seth Godin) for anyone working on building their own brand/business.

Born and raised in Ottawa, Elisa Kurylowicz (@elisakurylowicz) began her social media journey only 18 months ago, and since then has grown her Instagram account to almost 20K followers.  This amateur photographer has turned her passion for being outdoors, world travelling and inspiring others in a wonderful story of self growth. She has used her entrepreneurial skills to expand her expertise into the business side of social media and now manages several business accounts such as @pureonline and her newest page @lansdownelive (this includes all creative content, posting, engaging). Always evolving, this Instagram influencer would like to share some tips for starting your account, maintaining strong visuals and engaging your target market.



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When: Thursday, February 23rd, 2017
Time: 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Where: Makerspace North (see map)
Cost: $15 @ online  | $20 @ door | $10 for students & Makerspace North members

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