Defying Convention: Turning Your Big Idea into a Business Reality

April 25, 2017 from 6:30PM to 8:30PM @ Mobify HQ (725 Granville Street, Suite 420) Vancouver, BC


Local Talks No 11 | Vancouver . BC

Defying Convention: Turning Your Big Idea into a Business Reality.

We have all had those ideas, the crazy outside-the-box ones. Then there comes a time where we need to decide, do we continue on our current path, or create a new normal. How do convince others that your big idea is the next big thing? Specifically we will be diving into changes in the food industry and be hearing from entrepreneurs and creative thinkers on how their unconventional solutions are leading to exciting changes and a healthier future. 


Chris Blachut, Heilu (Moderator)
Jorge Hoyos, Heilu 
Max Rivest, Wize Monkey 
Dylan Jones, Coast Protein Inc.
Michael Steele, The Good Stuff                                                                                                            

The Schedule:

6:30PM - 7:00PM Doors Open
7:00PM - 8:00PM Session + Q&A
8:00PM - 8:30PM Social

What your ticket includes:

•  Refreshments & light bites
•  Kombucha courtesy of Oddity Kombucha
•  Networking with a bunch of rad folk just like you

Meet the line up: 


Chris Blachut, Heilu (Moderator)

Chris believes life’s better when lived unconventionally. That’s why he retired from his expat life to make way less money but have a lot more fun.

He writes about how to live and travel unconventionally, invites the world to Canada’s slept-on Outdoor Adventure Capital and sleep in his hostel, the Squamish Adventure Inn, and plods along with Heilu, the company that brings him to Local Talks. Heilu hopes to create a better future for us and future generations by upcycling food manufacturing scraps into super nutritious protein powder and coconut-oil like butter.  Chris also really likes nachos.


Jorge Hoyos, Heilu

Jorge is a Mechanical Engineer with an MBA and radical doer determined to make a difference and defy convention. He believes in leaving a better world for the children and better children for the world.

After working for a multinational company and a small sized family business a great desire was born to leave a positive footprint in this or other worlds. Jorge then teamed up with an old friend and cofounded Heilu, a food company looking to enrich people´s diets without hurting the environment or their wallets.

When Jorge is not defying convention, you can find him snowboarding, running, playing soccer, or drinking a couple of beer with his friends.

Max Rivest, Wize Monkey   

After experiencing a coffee overdose in November 2012, Max decided that tea was the answer. He’s passionate about latin culture, art, and corporate transparency. Having a background in International Sustainable Development and a Master’s in International Business, Max’s personal goal is to set a new standard in the tea and coffee industries for transparency and straight-forward communications.

He is most excited about the opportunity as CEO of Wize Monkey to revolutionize the coffee industry and give back to the cultures and people that have given him so many great experiences.

Dylan Jones, Coast Protein Inc.

Dylan Jones, CEO of Terra CO2 Technologies Ltd. and Founder of Coast Protein Inc

What started off as a side project exploring the burgeoning world of insect protein has led Dylan into the wild world of using strategy based vision to lead two diverse startups. Having an upbringing heavily influenced by the outdoors, Dylan knows that implementing sustainability as a core part of a business is the best way to ensure we have pristine environment to enjoy long into the future. Ironically, the hectic life of the startup hustle leaves less time for the forest and mountains.

Dylan is still trying to figure out what his personal mission and message are, but in the meantime will take a beer and a fishing rod as a substitute. 

Michael Steele, The Good Stuff

Michael is the co-founder of The Good Stuff, Vancouver's "ready-to-blend" smoothie company. He started the company with his roommate in 2015 using ingredients they grew in their backyard. Although they outgrew the backyard, they still use local and organic ingredients in their smoothies - which they serve at their storefront in Point Grey and to their delivery customers across Vancouver.

Before The Good Stuff, Michael worked completely outside of food. He was a digital marketer for technology companies in both Vancouver and San Francisco. He continues to teach Digital Marketing at RED Academy and spends his free time playing basketball and caring for his comically undersized cat.



When: Tuesday April 25, 2017
Time: 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Where: Mobify HQ (see map)
Cost: $15 @ online  | $20 @ door

Tickets are final sale and are non negotiable. 

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