We believe in full transparency

We believe in radical transparency across all channels of consumption. In addition to helping you create an eco-friendly system for your clothes, we believe in providing you with all of the necessary information to make your own conscious decisions. So, we’re going to share exactly where the price of your seller admission goes to. It truly takes a village to create successful change and here is how we’re going to do it:



      • Organizers
      • Cashiers
      • Clothing runners
      • Security
      • Inventory specialists to organize, price, tag and enter your items into our database


      • Inventory database
      • Price tags
      • Printing materials
      • Tables
      • Racks
      • Hangers


      • Location
      • Insurance
      • Garbage & Recycling
      • Music & Speakers
      • Storage of clothing pre-event
      • Decor


      • Website

      • Purchase fees
      • Photography
      • Advertising – print ads, online ads, poster distrubtion, flyers, Facebook Ads, publication articles
      • Rentals of tables and clothing sales, Google Ads
      • Totebags
      • Giveaway materials
      • Signage during event

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