Local Talks No 5

Recap: Local Talks No 5

Written by Michelle Kwee.
Photographer by Katie Diane.

On Tuesday September 13th, we hosted Local Talks No.5 at The Aviary in Vancouver, BC, which touched on the topic of Selfcare: The Relationship Between You and Yourself. The panel consisted of four local women entrepreneurs, Sonia Chhinji, Co-Founder of Woodlot, Tori Holmes, Co-Founder of Nectar Juicery, Chrystal Macleod, Founder of Harlow Skin Co., and moderated by Kelly Turner, Founder of Fall For Local + Local Talks.

What is selfcare to you? To our panel, it is feeling whole (physically, spiritually and emotionally), the relationship to one’s self, how you feel inside, self-love, and ultimately beyond beauty.

Helpful tips emerged from this talk such as washing your face with raw honey (Chrystal of Harlow Skin Co), and that when drinking juices, the ingredients must be organic or the effects won’t be the same (Tori from Nectar Juicery). We also touched on how they started up their businesses and a powerful piece of advice came from Sonia (Woodlot). What she said was along the lines of, if you have the passion for something and you don’t take that leap of faith, your business could possibly never exist, and that is more of a tragedy than anything else.

The room buzzed with questions and comments from the audience, and excitement rose with tons of prizes that were generously donated from Vancity Box, Woodlot, Nectar Juicery, and Harlow Skin Co. Don’t miss out on the fun and join our next talk on Tuesday, October 18th, Local Talk No. 6: Taking The Leap and Trusting Your Gut. See you there!

See full gallery recap of the talk here.